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With over 25 years of combined experience, we've been assisting business owners lower their taxes, optimising their earnings, and reaching their financial goals for retirement.

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We're Here To Help You Achieve Long-Term Financial Security

At Broadreach, we understand your dedication to your business, which at times prevents you from managing your personal finances. That's where we come in as your devoted financial partner! Much like your regular team meetings and reviews to set your business goals, we recommend regular financial planning to keep your financial wellbeing in peak condition.

Our job is to support you and help you grow your wealth with strong planning and confidence. Through ongoing financial planning we can help you achieve your ambitious goals for the short and long term. 

With our expert financial planning, you can focus on building your business, secure in the knowledge that your financial health is taken care of, allowing you to retire with the comfort and assurance you deserve.

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Meet Your New Financial Planners

Our seasoned financial planners, Chris George and Marc Schouten, are dedicated to simplifying complex strategies. They take the time to listen to your stories and aspirations, personalising financial plans to suit your individual needs.

With Broadreach, you can be confident that your financial health is in capable, expert hands. Let us help you ensure that your finances stay on track.


Broadreach Strategic Planning

Let's build a financial plan that keeps all your goals, dreams, and concerns front and centre! The more we know about you and your family, the better prepared we are to serve your financial planning and wealth management needs. How can we help you today?

How We Help Business Owners

Drawing on 25 years of combined experience in advising business owners, Broadreach delivers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing student cash flow control, guidance for incorporation, and effective retirement planning.

Also we can help you achieve your financial goals, so you can live the type of lifestyle that inspired you to become a business owner in the first place, enabling you to enjoy the lifestyle that sparked your journey into business ownership from the very beginning.

At Your Side: Financial Guidance for Every Step of Your Career

Phase 1

Launching Your Career: Financial Guide

As a business owner, you face a unique set of financial challenges and opportunities. We can help you minimise student loan debt, navigate health insurance choices, and establish an initial investment plan. We also guide you through major decisions such as timing and maximising the benefits of your corporation, home and car purchases, and provide oversight for tax return preparation and strategic tax planning. 

Phase 2

Achieving Financial Stability: Mid-Career Business Owners

As an established business owner your financial focus may shift towards the strategic use of your money. We provide assistance with decisions about purchasing personal or commercial properties and preparing for major life purchases. We also offer support in adjusting your life and disability insurance as your net worth and lifestyle evolve. Additionally, we can help transition your investments from retail investing to structures preferred in the high net worth market using discretionary management to invest in stocks and bonds directly in a more cost effective manner than found in retail offerings.

Phase 3

Business Ownership: Managing Your Finances

Entering into practice ownership, by yourself or with partners, brings new financial complexities. We assist you in managing cash flows, risk management, Partnership Agreements, and we continue overseeing your tax planning in conjunction with your accounting firm. Our team can help you evaluate the potential use of corporations and family trusts for legal and tax protection with our in house Trust and Estates Practitioner (TEP) as well as plan for continuity between generations.

Phase 4

Retirement Readiness: Selling Your Practice

In retirement, the focus is on optimising your finances for the long term and philanthropy. We assist with annual cash flow reviews, tax minimization strategies. We can also help you navigate the complexities of downsizing your real estate holdings, updating your Wills, and making financial provisions for your children and grandchildren and charities that are important to you. Additionally we provide support for healthcare planning, including out-of-country travel, and can guide you in making decisions about when and how to plan for government benefits and reduce estate taxation.

Phase 5

Navigating Finances in Retirement

In retirement, the focus is to continue to optimise your wealth for the long term. We continue to assist with annual cash flow reviews, tax minimization strategies, and the conversion of your RRSP to a RRIF as needed. We can also help you navigate the complexities of downsizing your real estate holdings, updating your Wills, and making financial provisions for your grandchildren. Additionally, we provide support for healthcare planning, including out-of-country travel, and can guide you in making decisions about when to receive your CPP pension.

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Understanding each client's unique needs is at the heart of Broadreach's approach. We take time to grasp your financial objectives, developing tailored strategies to help you reach those goals. We're more than just a firm - we're your companion in the journey towards financial prosperity. With 25 years of combined experience serving business owners, we're equipped to guide you at every stage of your career.

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FAQ - We Answer Your Most Common Questions

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about financial planning and wealth management, and we are here to answer them for you.
Financial planning is the process of creating a roadmap for how you manage your money, including investments, taxes, and retirement savings, to reach your financial goals. It involves assessing your current financial situation, setting financial objectives, and devising strategies to achieve them.
Great question! At Broadreach, we take your financial and data security very seriously. We employ next-generation endpoint security protocols and carry out regular security audits to ensure that all our protective measures are always up-to-date. In terms of safeguarding your financial assets, think of it as our full-disk encryption for your retirement plan; we lock down your data so that proprietary information stays confidential. We employ multi-factor authentication, follow best practices for password management, and use geo-redundant encryption to offer a comprehensive security shield. Your trust is essential to us, and we work diligently to protect it on all fronts.

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