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As a committed dental professional, your foremost priority is the oral health of your patients. Yet, safeguarding the future longevity and success of your dental practice holds equal importance. This necessitates the strategic implementation of succession planning. At Broadreach, we decipher the intricacies of this complex process, offering a gateway to a successful, well-managed transition that honours your professional legacy and assures a thriving future.

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Embracing the Journey of Succession Planning with Broadreach

As a dental professional, your role extends beyond immediate patient care to the long-term health of your practice, where succession planning is key. This multifaceted process ensures a seamless leadership transition, fostering stability and growth.

Broadreach offers experienced guidance in succession planning, aiming for comprehensive transitions that balance financial, legal, and personal aspects. An effective succession plan upholds your business stability, boosts team confidence, and ensures your practice's integral role in the community.

It also safeguards patient care continuity, reinforcing trust in your practice. At Broadreach, we're committed to supporting you in these transitions, ensuring your professional legacy thrives into the future.

Here To Help You With Your Succession Planning

Succession planning is a vital part of the longevity and continuity of a dental practice. It entails the intricate task of preparing for the smooth transition of your practice's leadership to a successor, maintaining the equilibrium of your practice's operational, financial, and legal elements. It's a strategic roadmap, safeguarding your practice's future and the smiles it cultivates.

Steering the ship of Broadreach are our accomplished financial planners, Chris George and Marc Schouten. Their role is akin to the dental professionals who translate complex procedures into understandable terms for their patients. They devote their time to understanding your narratives and ambitions, personalising financial strategies to align with your distinct requirements.

At Broadreach, we champion the confidence that your practice's financial health is entrusted to adept and seasoned professionals. We're here to ensure your practice's fiscal stability, just as you ensure the dental health of your patients. Allow us to partner with you in your succession planning journey, securing the future legacy of your dental practice.


Broadreach Strategic Planning

Let's design a succession plan that prioritizes your professional legacy, business stability, and the continuity of care for your patients! The more we understand your aspirations and concerns for your dental practice, the better equipped we are to guide your succession planning needs. How can Broadreach facilitate your successful transition today?

The Power of Preparedness: Initiating the Succession Planning Process

No matter the stage of your career—be it a fledgling practice or on the brink of retirement—early initiation of the succession planning process sets the stage for a controlled and rewarding transition. We work with you to assess the value of your practice, work with your legal and accounting team to optimize for tax and map out your retirement plans, ensuring financial security for your future.

Weighing Your Options: Navigating Succession Pathways

Every dental practice is unique, and so the succession planning must be. There are multiple avenues to consider and each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Transition to Dental Professionals within the Practice

This option often leads to the least disruption for the staff and patients, as they're already familiar with the prospective owner(s).


  • Minimized disruption due to familiarity with the new owner(s)
  • The new owner(s) are well-acquainted with practice operations, patient base, and community


  • May not yield as high a price compared to other options
  • Internal professionals might not have the funds readily available to purchase the practice, potentially complicating the transaction

Selling the Practice to a Corporate Entity

Corporations usually have the financial resources to offer a competitive price for the practice.


  • Likely to offer a competitive price
  • The outgoing owner can continue working in the practice under the corporate umbrella


  • May lead to changes not preferred by the current staff and patients
  • The culture and operation of the practice could significantly change under corporate management
  • Often required the previous owner to work within a new corporate structure

Selling the Practice to an Unrelated Party

This option can introduce fresh ideas and energy to your practice.


  • Can offer a competitive price
  • Introduces new ideas and energy into the practice


  • There may be an adjustment period for staff and patients
  • Potential for changes that might not be well received by existing staff and patients

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Beyond the need to plan at least two years in advance ideally three to qualify for the lifetime capital gains exemption, there is a significant need for retiring practice owners to have stable guidance in creating a retirement structure which meets their needs and goals without excessive taxation.

We find that in normally dentists tend to be active business owners and are used to adding equipment, learning new processes, expanding and generally investing actively. In retirement when they have a lot more free time on their hands the momentum from being busy working professionals can lead them to take on all sorts of financial products. Like with new grads who only focus on paying off their line of credit without factoring the tax bill this focus can be counter-productive.

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Broadreach's Comprehensive Approach to Financial Planning

At Broadreach, our seasoned team serves as your steadfast ally, working diligently to secure your financial future and ensure the sustainable prosperity of your practice. We are committed to crafting financial strategies that are both comprehensive and customised to your unique needs. Here's how our approach to financial planning serves you:

  • We provide an accurate reflection of your net worth, both personally and corporately, after the sale of your practice. This clear financial picture is pivotal for effective planning.

  • Our team pinpoints any potential financial issues or opportunities. By identifying these, we help you prepare for potential challenges and make the most of any financial prospects.

  • We allocate low-tax dollars in a way that aligns with your lifestyle needs and retirement goals. Our aim is to maximize your income and maintain your preferred standard of living after retirement.

  • We identify structures to mitigate the tax liability of corporate dollars, providing a backup plan in case of unexpected events.

The transition of a dental practice is a critical period for the practice, its patients, and the community. It's important to ensure continuity in service and care for several reasons:

  • Patient Care: Patients rely on the practice for their ongoing dental care. A smooth transition is crucial to avoid interruption in service.

  • Staff Stability: A seamless transition can provide job security for the existing staff and maintain morale within the practice.

  • Community Reputation: Dental practices are often an integral part of their local communities. A smooth transition helps maintain the practice's reputation.

Great question! At Broadreach, we take your financial and data security very seriously. We employ next-generation endpoint security protocols and carry out regular security audits to ensure that all our protective measures are always up-to-date. In terms of safeguarding your financial assets, think of it as our full-disk encryption for your retirement plan; we lock down your data so that proprietary information stays confidential. We employ multi-factor authentication, follow best practices for password management, and use geo-redundant encryption to offer a comprehensive security shield. Your trust is essential to us, and we work diligently to protect it on all fronts.

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Looking to ensure a smooth transition for your dental practice through succession planning? Do not hesitate to contact us via email or schedule a personal consultation through our easy-to-use online booking system. At Broadreach, we're poised and eager to assist you in navigating the complexities of succession planning, securing your financial future, and safeguarding the legacy of your dental practice.
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