Strategies to help clients achieve their financial dreams.

Cash Flow

For dentists, having healthy cash flow is the key to ensuring your practice is thriving and growing.

Debt Management

Managing debt is one of the biggest challenges in overcoming financial stress.

Insured Retirement Program

There are a number of mechanisms available for individuals to save in a tax-efficient manner for their retirement – from employer-sponsored pension plans to government plans, RRSPs (registered retirement savings plan) or TFSAs (tax free savings account).

Shared Ownership Critical Illness

Shared Ownership refers to a concept where more than one party owns an interest in an insurance policy.  The most common of these arrangements is where the corporation is the owner and beneficiary of the death benefit and the shareholder or employee owns the cash value of the policy.

Immediate Financing Arrangement

An Immediate Financing Arrangement (commonly known as an IFA) is a financial planning vehicle which combines life insurance coverage with tax advantaged wealth accumulation.